Our passionate Spring Grove staff is proud to call Cincinnati home.

We feel so connected to this community — not only because of the families we serve every day but also because of the Spring Grove Arboretum.

Our Arboretum is one of only a few in the U.S. with Level III accreditation. Only five cemeteries have earned this distinction.

Along with our historic cemetery, this beautiful botanical garden is a Cincinnati treasure featuring both native and exotic plants.

About the Arboretum

The Spring Grove Arboretum is 750 acres of beautifully manicured gardens. For years, horticulturists have maintained this land as a way of preserving local flowers and trees.

The Cincinnati Horticulture Society was the first organization to make its mark on the Arboretum and select gorgeous varieties of plants to foster there. Members of our Spring Grove staff are enthusiastic about continuing the Arboretum’s horticultural legacy. From the beginning, every single plant has been installed in the garden as it would be in its natural setting.

Planting for the future

At Spring Grove, we abide by the proverb of putting the right plant in the right place. Every tree and shrub that’s planted in the Arboretum is placed with the hope that they will continue to thrive here a century later. When you visit the Arboretum, you’ll come across carefully selected trees like the Sicilian Fir, the Cedar of Lebanon, and the Oriental Spruce. We are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Cincinnati and promoting environmental sustainability with every new addition to the garden.

Community Outreach

The branches of the Spring Grove Arboretum extend far beyond the garden itself and out into the broader community. Our dedicated staff prioritizes educational, outreach, and research opportunities for the community at large. We welcome visitors to the Arboretum throughout the year and frequently host events like tram tours, volunteer opportunities for participants of all ages, and other special gatherings. Sharing the tenets of the Arboretum with members of the Cincinnati community is one of the joys of our work here at Spring Grove.

History of Spring Grove

We’ve served the Cincinnati community for over 175 years with high-quality burial services. We are proud to be a National Historic Landmark and a place where generations of Ohioans have chosen to honor their loved ones. We are proud to be a peaceful retreat within the City of Cincinnati.

When you visit our cemetery, take the time to explore the Spring Grove Arboretum, a Cincinnati treasure. Contact our staff for hours and more information.