Ornaments & Creative Holiday Keepsakes to Honor Your Loved One

Each year, the holiday season presents a new opportunity to get creative with decorations and keepsakes. Here at Spring Grove Cemetery and Funeral Homes, our compassionate staff encourages our neighbors in Cincinnati to spend some of this special time honoring their loved ones.

A great way to do this is to put together ornaments and creative holiday keepsakes dedicated to that special person in your life. Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate your loved one this holiday season with a unique creation that reminds you of how much they mean to you.

Create ornaments made from items found in your loved one’s closet.

It’s common to celebrate the holidays with a Christmas tree, and making homemade ornaments is a great way to honor your loved one. If they’re available and you feel comfortable doing so, incorporate items from your loved one’s closet into your ornament. For example, you might make a handcrafted piece from a bowtie or string earrings together into a star shape to hang on your tree.

Create a scrapbook.

You’ve probably heard of people creating a memorial album after losing a loved one. A holiday scrapbook is similar to this but allows for more creativity because it’s less structured. It doesn’t even have to be a physical object. You could assemble a digital scrapbook using a free graphic design platform found online. If you’d rather have something tangible to display in your home, try gathering paper items that remind you of your loved one. This could be a menu from their favorite restaurant or a ticket to a concert you both attended. Get as creative as you want by including different textures and materials in your book.

Make a wreath.

A wreath is a traditional holiday décor item that can brighten up any door or wall. To

connect this project to your loved one, weave their favorite wintertime flower or plant into

the wreath you make. You might also consider adding ribbons in their favorite color into

your design.

Put a holiday journal together.

If you’d like to make something you can build on and add to with each passing year, consider creating a holiday journal. This can be a simple notebook, folder, or three-ring binder which you can expand as new ideas come to mind. To get started, jot down heartfelt memories or funny stories of your loved one. Add photographs or other mementos to your journal—anything that makes you feel closer to them throughout the season.

Feel free to reach out to our caring staff about anything you may be experiencing regarding grief and the holiday season. We’re here to help with whatever you need!