For Immediate Assistance Call 513.681.PLAN

Support Groups

The Spring Grove Family Grief to Peace Gatherings are held at Spring Grove Funeral Homes - Spring Grove the 3rd Tuesday of each month and at Spring Grove Funeral Homes - TriCounty the 4th Tuesday of each month. Grief to Peace is facilitated by Sheila Munafo-Kanoza.  Join us to learn more about Grief and the steps to take toward Peace.  Please see our events/events page for more details. 

Companions on A Journey

Grief Specific Groups for Bereaved Parents,   Widowed Support, Surviving After the Death of Suicide and Open Grief Support.Mending Hearts for Grieving Children, Teens and Their Families.Shelia Munafo-Kanoza, Executive Director513.870.9108

The Grief and Bereavement Institute

Cancer Family Care 513.458.3585

For Surviving Parents and Grandparents

Compassionate Friends - West Chapter 513.629.9598 Compassionate Friends - East Chapter 859.283.1926  SIDS Foundation 513.636.8000 Reach Out 513.921.7690  MADD 513.769.6800  AARP Grief Support Line 866.797.2277 

For Surviving Children and Siblings

Fernside 513.246.9140

Additional Grief and Outreach Groups

Griefwork 513.922.1202 Robert Schuller 714.NEW.HOPE

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