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Planting a tree is something most people consider basic knowledge but seeing the variation of practices available on the internet and the high tree mortality rate in the urban forest, where we all live, indicates that few trees are planted with the proper skill to give them a chance for long term survival.

The following tree siting factors need to be considered before selecting a tree:

  • Light availability (Seasonal), intensity (slope) and duration (full sun to deep shade, time of day (afternoon vs. morning/evening)
  • Water availability, both quantity and quality (slope, bottom site, ridge site)
  • Exposure to wind and temperature extremes (slope orientation)
  • Soil type, drainage, compaction (bulk density), structure (visible horizons or lack thereof), texture (sand, silt, clay)
  • USDA Hardiness Zone (Cincinnati is USDA zone 6)
  • Existing vegetation (native plant community vs. non-native plant community)
  • Below ground (root competition from other plants, utilities)
  • Above ground wires or obstructions

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