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What is a Champion Tree?

A Champion tree is a tree that measures out to the highest number of points for its taxon or species. Measurements are taken at 54” DBH (Diameter Breast Height) above soil grade earning (1) point per inch diameter, (not circumference). The height is measured and calculated with (1) point per foot. The crown spread is the two cross measurements with the average used and multiplied by ¼ point (.25) per foot. Add these three values and compare it with the Ohio Champion Tree list value administered by Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Contact the person listed on the Ohio Champion Tree site if your tree’s point value is within 20 points or so of the listed champion. Your contact will schedule an appointment with you when available to verify and officially measure your tree for the state record.

American Forests, the organization that administers the Champion Tree National Register takes their data from State Champion Tree publications to formulate national champion trees. They have a detailed tree measuring publication available at this link: 

Our Champion Trees are marked with a small boulder having a metal photo sign reading, “State Champion”

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