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Della H. Enns
Della H. Enns

Della H. Enns

April 26, 1968 - July 10, 2021

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Della Hartman Enns, composer, performer, and educator, passed away July 10, 2021, surrounded by loving family and friends after a ten-year battle with multiple cancers.

The daughter of Dr. Ruth Hartman and the late Paul Hartman of Pelzer, SC, she was born April 26, 1968, in Washington, DC. Della is survived by her husband K. Scott Enns, Cincinnati, OH; her daughters Augusta Enns Ridley (Dr. Mackenzie Ridley) of Charlottesville, VA, and C. Adele Enns of Cincinnati, OH; sister Virginia Hartman Scarborough (Vince Scarborough) of Millersville, MD; and a host of nieces and nephews.

Della was such a bright light in a dim world and touched everyone she knew in such an intentional way with her music, her words and just being present. She was godly, vibrant, joyful, diligent, compassionate, faithful, strong, and selfless. Known by so many, loved by all and always positive. Until her very last breath she remained positive and hopeful as she knew the Lord has a purpose for all things. Her infectious joy and overwhelmingly kind spirit are still with us today and will remain her legacy forever.

Della received a Master of Piano Performance from the University of Cincinnati – College Conservatory of Music, and a Bachelor of Piano Performance from Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC.

An accomplished worship leader, performer and composer, Della produced countless manuscripts of original compositions, arrangements, and lyrics for both choral ensembles, and praise and worship. In 2008 she was recognized in Nashville by her peers as the Indieheaven National Instrumental Artist of the Year. She composed, recorded, and produced three albums of her original music: “after His’s own heart” | Instrumental Meditations on Selected Psalms; Origins | Lullabies from her heart; and Beautiful Still | her invitation to be surrounded by the transparent sounds of still and lavishly enfolded in the piano peace . . . an invitation to be {beautiful still}. 

A well-known educator and awe-inspiring pianist, Della taught at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy for 20 years as both the Middle School Choral Director at the North Campus and Music Teacher at the Armleder Downtown Campus. She also was a company pianist for the Cincinnati Ballet; pianist for the Middletown Symphony Orchestra, Middletown, OH; and a Piano Instructor/Accompanist at The Musical Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH.

Memorial contributions may be made to the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center and the Betty Allen Gynecologic Cancer Foundation.


Words of remembrance shared from K. Scott Enns

at the Celebration of Life, 07.17.2021.

Ms. Della can be described in one word it would be VIRTUOUS, a virtuous woman. 

A virtuous woman is a woman of strength; made strong by wisdom, grace, and fears the Lord. 

In the book of Proverbs chapter 31 and verses 10-31 the virtuous woman is described in full and best describes how Ms. Della’s lived life. I ask you now, is this the Ms. Della you knew? A virtuous woman is trustworthy (v 11), encouraging (v 12), works diligently (v 13), strong (v 17), well prepared (v 18), generous (v 20),  brave (v 21), resourceful (v 14-16 and 24), wise (v 26), and well thought of (v 28). But most importantly, she fears the Lord (v 30).

Ms. Della lived these always made it simple - Be Still, Be Present, and Listen. And Listen to the Holy Spirit…then be intentional and go do. Regardless of who you were, your situation, longtime friend, stranger, hurting in a hallway, on top of the world, in a small group, prayer service, she was speaking at a conference, Pre-K student or senior citizen, millionaire or destitute and hopeless in a shelter– she got STILL, was total PRESENT with you, and LISTENED. And she was LISTENING to you and the Holy Spirt to be INTENTIONAL what to say or do next. That is why with her it was no accident, no fluke, it was purposeful from her to you. You were all that mattered in that moment – she was teaching, equipping, and loving the person with her. Remember?

Briefly- who taught her, shaped her and who were her examples that she admired? Two incredible women of faith, studiers of the word, early trailblazers in a male dominated world, great listeners and women who knew the importance of always being present – giving others their full attention because that person was what mattered at that moment. Making a difference by encouraging, equipping, and listening.

One, was the late missionary ELIZABETH ELLIOT – Through Gates of Splendor. It was the first book Ms. Della ever asked me to read. It was worn and tattered, notes in the margins, just like her bible. Della corresponded with Elizabeth. I remember Della was so excited when Elizbeth so generously wanted to provide Della a gracious quote about what Della’s music meant to her.

The other, her was her mother DR. DELLA RUTH HARTMAN (and of course her father the late Paul Hartman whom she absolutely adored). Dr. Hartman was the live and in person example of a strong VIRTUOUS woman. The second licensed female dentist ever in South Carolina, Dr. Hartman operated a fulltime practice out of their home in south Greenville County while raising two daughters. The Hartman’s provided an extraordinary example for marriage, lived out and taught the absolute truth and amazing grace found in the family textbook – the bible; and provided unconditional love and taught sacrifice was simply just quiet generosity to all. Della would always say her parents made her feel extra special. See, Della was adopted as a baby; she always told us she was extra special chosen twice. The birth mother chose to have her when the world said other wise and this extraordinary couple picked her, she was their chosen one. Chosen twice. 

Let us close with these short deep thoughts from Ms. Della’s bible. Two short passages from her beloved book of Psalm she had been studying this last year as she battled cancer again - 

September-10-2020 she wrote in the margins “facing cancer again” and had circled -

Psalm 16:11; Thou wilt make known to me the path of life.

In Thy presence is fullness of joy.

In Thy right hand there are pleasures forever.

February 22, 2021, she had been studying Psalm 37 – A Psalm of David

She consistently circled the phrases as they appeared multiple times: Do not fret - Trust in Him.

In the margins she wrote (probably a musical chorus she had been composing):

“Let me hear the sound of Your voice and I will leave it all behind

Let me hear the sound of Your voice and I will come running!

There is something in the sound of Your voice that speaks to every part of me.

I was made to love You.

That’s all I really know for sure.

All I am is wrapped up in You!”

Now go forth and put into practice what my Ms. Della has taught us all:

Be Still, Be Present, and Listen. Listen to the Holy Spirit for a word…go do - be intentional.

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