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Weekend Walkabout July 2023

Weekend Walkabout July 2023

Weekend Walkabouts are walking tours offered once each month, May through October. There is a $5/person donation to the Heritage Foundation. Registration is required as space is limited. Registration will open for this tour on June 3rd at noon.

Location Date Time Link
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum 7/2/2023 1:00pm-2:30pm Link
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Abolitionists were people who sought to end the institution of slavery in the United States. They had a range of views on how to accomplish this goal, and Cincinnati was a city at the heart of the discussions. We will visit the monuments of several prominent Abolitionists and Anti-slavery supporters, and learn about the men and women of our area who were dedicated to Abolition. The group includes Conductors on the Underground Railroad, writers, lawyers and judges, publishers, politicians, generals, and journalists.

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