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Public Walking Tour 2024

Public Walking Tour 2024

Master Docent, Marie Lager, will lead you on this tour which focuses on examples of the iron works, architecture and the stained-glass windows in Spring Grove. The tour Includes the entrance gates and fence, Norman Chapel, Carriage House, Railroad Overpass, and examples of the 3 types of stained-glass windows, mosaics, a columbarium and book-matched marble in the Memorial Mausoleum. Dress for the weather. Reservations are required and registration opens on March 9, 2024 at noon. Your $5 donation will go to the Heritage Foundation to further efforts in education, preservation, and community outreach.

Location Date Time Link
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum 4/7/2024 1:00-2:30pm Link
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TOUR TOPIC: Introduction to Iron Works, Architecture, and Stained Glass

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