Community Mausoleums
Community MausoleumsCommunity Mausoleums
Community MausoleumsCommunity Mausoleums

Community Mausoleums

Spring Grove Cemetery has provided and encouraged mausoleum entombment since its gates opened in 1845. With the advent of community mausoleums, this above-ground burial option has become more popular and affordable to all.  Spaces called ‘crypts’ are designed to hold casketed remains while smaller spaces called ‘niches’ will accommodate urns containing cremated remains.  These types of disposition are also referred to as entombments and inurnments.

Mausoleums provide benefits that simply are not found with other options.

  • Comfort and convenience for year around visitation
  • Beauty in every season of the year
  • Land conservation
  • Protection from the elements

Why Families Choose Spring Grove Mausoleums:

  • Buildings dedicated to the preservation of memories with dignity and distinction
  • Superb construction and design
  • Wide variety of selections
  • Beautiful chapels
  • Competitive prices

Spring Grove Mausoleums:

  • Memorial Mausoleum
  • Lakeside Mausoleum Complex
  • Garden Mausoleum Complex

For more photos of our community mausoleums, please visit our Photo and Video Gallery.

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