Bob Nave

Age: 75
Born: November 03, 1944
Died: January 28, 2020
  • George Zahn
    Relationship: Friend

    Few may ever really appreciate the incredible impact Bob has had on music and broadcasting in Cincinnati. In addition to his tremendous musicianship, Bob helped to pioneer live jazz broadcasts through his moral, musical, and financial support to bring live jazz into living rooms and headphones all over the country. He was quiet, talented, unassuming in ways, but vitally passionate about his many facets of his life from racing to music to people! R.I.P. Bob Nave.

  • Allen Jones
    Relationship: Fellow Musician

    Bob was a Member of Tall Paul & the Thunderbird's while attending Miami U. and played both the Organ & Piano. One of Bob's trademarks in those days was his sunglasses as he always had a pair on. The members of Tall Paul & the Thunderbird's attended one of his engagements a couple of years ago in Cincinnati. It was like "Old Home Week". I am going to really miss him. Allen "Bones" Jones - I was the Drummer