Ben Walker

Age: 87
Born: March 07, 1932
Died: November 24, 2019
  • Raymond Nettles
    Relationship: Son

    When I came into this world and I needed a father, you were there. Even though you were my uncle by marriage to my mother's sister, you provided a home and a good life. From an early age, we spent many hours fishing all over the area. You taught me how to be a good fisherman and a good man. When I was seven years old, I moved away to my grandparents' home. Up until a few years ago, I didn't know that my leaving hurt us both. Even though I spent weekends and summers at your house, it was never the same again. When I worked at your company during summer school breaks, I was so proud of the respect that everybody gave you. You were respected by every person in the company. That taught me that a black man can get respect by hard work. I could never repay you for the things you did for me but I will always love and cherish the times we had together. Until I see you again, Love Raymond

  • Carmen
    Relationship: Daughter

    He was know by many titles Ben, husband, uncle, deacon but to me I had the mosr important one...DAD. He will surely be missed but never forgotten. He blood runs through my veins and was passed on to my children and to theirs. The Walker name will forever be legendary. I love you dad...for in my mind body and baby gal