Gordon R. Salchow

Age: 78
Born: October 23, 1940
Died: October 04, 2019
  • Seana Dahlenburg Hue
    Relationship: Student, GD DAAP cla

    Dear Salchow Family, Today's service was lovely, a wonderful tribute to an impressive man. He was such an incredible influence on many, in design and in living and enjoying the rewards of life itself. For me personally, I learned from him the importance of having a clear path - with confidence and purpose. I also had the pleasant surprise of learning of his humorous side. In a lecture 3rd year, he was teaching the importance of form and function. He went on a lengthy description of faux wood on the side of station wagon - "not funcitonal." That evening, some boys in our grade decide to "faux wood" his office door at U.C. - covering it from top to bottom. At lecture next day, he calmly walked in with his coffee, and we thought the boys would be in such trouble. But, Gordon then just burst out laughing, he truly appreciated the humour. He was the ultimate teacher.