Hazel DeMoss

Age: 60
Born: November 07, 1957
Died: February 04, 2018
  • John DeMoss Sr.
    Relationship: Son

    Life will NEVER be the same. I wish I could pick up the phone and call you but that day has come and gone. I promise you Hazel DeMoss (Mom) I will continue to live the way I live with you ALWAYS near to my heart. Little John

  • Grandchildren
    Relationship: Grandkids

    Candace DeMoss, Shawn DeMoss, Brandon DeMoss, John DeMoss 1st, Brianna Serrano, K-La DeMoss, Anthony DeMoss jr., Jayden DeMoss, Ethan DeMoss, Jeremy DeMoss and the "KARTER" DeMoss. Plus Hazel and Teddy raised other kid's Brianna Prather and a few others. We will all miss you until they put us TOGETHER again!

  • Nonie Wendel
    Relationship: Sister

    I love and miss you Sissy more than I can ever say. You were one of my chickens!! I feel so lost without you here with me to go thru the weird things that always seemed to happen to us!! There's no one to complete my thoughts, to know what a certain look means, to play the game. I will never be "whole" again until I'm with Jaybird, you, Mom, Dad and the rest of our family and friends. I will stay here and love Brenda and Brett, your boys and grandkids, my grandkids, Russ and Teddy until God calls me to be with all of you again. Give everyone a big hug and kiss for me, tell them I love them.