Kim Skeen

Age: 45
Born: March 17, 1972
Died: November 25, 2017
  • Dave Costello
    Relationship: Fellow Marine

    Michael. I have followed your tribute for a Kim on FB. It has been difficult to read this journey, and we cannot imagine what you are going through right now. But you have thousands praying for you and your family. You embraced this situation head on and provided so much love and support for Kim. As a. fellow Marine I feel as if I know you. God bless you, Michael. I will pray for you and your family every day. Semper Fi.

  • Dennis Propes
    Relationship: Friend

    Mike, I am so very sorry for your loss. I will pray for you and your family.

  • Joel Moticik
    Relationship: Friend

    Words can't express how saddened I am to hear of your loss. Kim will be truly missed.

  • Rebecca Colvin
    Relationship: Friend of 20 years

    Kim was a beautiful, bright light in this world. She will be very much missed. Mike: thank you for the Facebook posting that you faithfully kept up with, for all of us who could not be with her all the time, understandably. If all the people that loved your wife had visited, you would have to had some type of crowd control system, because Kimmi was truly loved by so many. I do not have enough words to express how highly I thought of Kimmi. I loved her very much. Always will. Mike, you were her true love, her best friend, the love of her life. She told me that all the time. You know, there is one word that does come to mind when I think about Kim, and that word is love. Kimmi was love. She loved fiercely, beautifully, and gracefully. And I am sure she is (and will be) watching over all of us. Taylor, Reagan, and Mikey: your mom will continue to be with you, always, because she loved you all so very much, and she felt so blessed and lucky that God picked her to be your mom.

  • Beverly Sellars
    Relationship: Friend

    Kim was the sweetest person.And deeply loved her family.And was such a great friend to my daughter Missi.

  • Douglas Bratley
    Relationship: Fellow Marine

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Michael and family. I have been through this. My wife passed away last November from cancer so I know the loss and the pain you are going through. My greatest hope is cancer will be conquered so no one will have to go through the pain and loss. Kim is now free from it and no more pain and suffering. I hope to meet her one day when I leave this earth. Bless you all!

  • Susan & Gene Bennett
    Relationship: Church Family

    Followed Kim's journey on Facebook and was so encouraged with her faith and courage during those difficult days. Mike's support and love touched my heart and brought me to tears with his devotion and love for Kim and his family. I cannot imagine how difficult life has been or what the times ahead will be for all the family but my heart is filled with sadness and loss over a life cut short in this world against cancer. Our prayers are to provide strength and courage in the hours ahead. She is in our hearts always.

  • Lisa Slater
    Relationship: Dear Friend

    Mike, I am so sorry for your loss. No words can express how deeply I feel. Please know that I continue to pray for your comfort and continued strength through this very difficult time in your life. Remember Kim's spirit is with you always and she is watching over you and her precious children. She was the most loving and sweetest woman I have ever met and she will be forever loved and missed.

  • Angela Watson
    Relationship: Sister in Soul

    Kim, I will forever remember your kindness toward everyone, your patience with your children, your unconditional love for my brother and your big heart. I hope you are at peace and free of pain. May your children always feel you within their own hearts. May my brother be granted the strength and faith needed to go on, to transform this sadness into gratitude for the love that you were able to share together. I love you and will miss you, our family will never be the same again. Thank you for filling us all with your love, because love continues on forever.

  • Lula Ratliff
    Relationship: Friend

    Anita, I am so sorry for you loss. I wanted to come with Belinda, but I had some problems with my legs. My thoughts and Prayers for Peace and Comfort are with you and your family. Love you