Craig Jolly

Age: 45
Born: November 18, 1971
Died: October 29, 2017
  • Don and Teresa Bihl
    Relationship: Friends of Bruce

    There isn’t any way to say how we regret this tragedy in your lives. He was so loved and needed. May God hold your family, Kim, and the children in a circle of love as you grieve.

  • Doug Fox
    Relationship: SAY Soccer Coach

    Craig and my son graduated from Centerville together while Doug went on to soccer Craig moved on to football. He was such a pleasure to coach and was always very coachable. I really loved his desire to do well on the field and would loved to have a bunch more like him. I worked with Craig's father at Inland division of General Motors where we always chatted about our kids and what they were doing. It's hard to put into words the loss of a young man who had such a future ahead but I'm sure he is in a good place and will always hold a special place in your heart.

  • Larry Florea
    Relationship: Friend of Bruce

    From what I read he was leading a wonderful Godly life. I worked with his dad at GM. His dad is a very good man. I can see where it came from. Prayers from my family to yours Larry & Dianna Florea Wilmington, NC

  • Mary Schap
    Relationship: College Friend and N

    Oh my heart breaks for your family and friends. You were so full of life, love and laughter and I'll always remember you. I'm sure you're dancing in heaven right now and for that I smile. Until I see you....

  • Ken and Tracey Gregory & sons Logan Cole Noah
    Relationship: Always in step

    Craig, may our understanding of your sister Heather’s wonderful words continue forever. And I will continue to be inspired by your being; in high school architecture class, at UC together even though across campus, in Arizona for the same years and experience of adventure and growth even if across town and then to return to the Heart of it All (Ohio) even if Centerville and Wyoming are different towns. We have felt a closeness with your path in life like no other... please continue to affect our spirit as you do. Thanks for being my brother in life’s experiences. We will miss you until we meet again. God bless the Jolly’s

  • Rev. Dr. Joe Beavon
    Relationship: former pastor

    I remember Craig and his mom and dad during my time as a pastor at Normandy United Methodist Church in Centerville. We even shared the same birthday (though quite a few years apart). His personality was infectious, and though I have not seen him for many years, I'm sure Heather has summed up his life well. My thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends.

  • Sheila Camillus
    Relationship: high school classmat

    Craig was a good friend of mine in high school. I used to give him rides home from school regularly and always loved his company! He truly was a joy be around. I loved his sister's tribute -- it rang so true. Jolly was absolutely the perfect last name for him. One of my sisters still laughs about the time he came over and told us he was researching what size bonfire you could build on a driveway. The fire department told him it was 2x2x2 feet, and he set his mind to building one exactly that size. We also went to 24-Hour Fitness together one night sometime after midnight, just because he wanted to see who really worked out at that hour of the night! My deepest condolences to you all.