Jeanne "Hap" Morrow

Age: 76
Born: November 17, 1940
Died: April 18, 2017
  • Mary "Lock" Loughran Fell
    Relationship: Chatham classmate

    I just now learned, and I am so sad to know that Hap has passed away. She and i go back to Chatham, in our youth, and her high spirits and bright mind were a delight to be around. I have tried and tried over these past several years to reach her, thru email and at her home phone, but never got a return email or call. May I know how she passed? If that is too personal, I understand. But it would help me to process this very sorrowful loss. Somehow i cannot get my mind/heart around this. Thank you and blessings and peace to all who loved her -- "Lock" (she always called me "Lock" because my maiden name "Loughran" is pronounced "Lock-ran") You might want to notify Chatham University, Alumnae Office, in Pittsburgh, PA. I just received my copy of the Chatham "Recorder" and her name was not listed on the "In Memorium" page. There are many classmates who will want to know because she was very well liked and well respected on campus.