Evelyn Swisshelm

Age: 84
Born: April 30, 1932
Died: January 10, 2017
  • David Schoenling
    Relationship: Brother to Connie Sw

    Grandma Swisshelm, what can I say? She was always such a loving Grandmother to all of her grandchildren and always a loving mother/mother in-law to all of her children and their spouses. I am just a brother/brother in-law to Connie and Earl Swisshelm, but Grandma Swisshelm always greeted me with warmth and her wonderful smile and she usually laughed at me because my typical life antics. She never judged, she just smiled and went on. Grandma Swisshelm, you will truly be missed and the love that you shared will undoubtedly be an example for all of your children, their spouses, and your grandchildren to live by and to offer to others that cross their life's path. Rest in peace Grandma Swisshelm

  • Becky Fraley
    Relationship: Friend

    I will miss seeing Grandma around the family. She was always very nice, and always looked so pretty even for the casual picnic affairs.... My heart and prayers are with the family who I know loved Grandma so much. I never will forget her!

  • Linda Hutchison
    Relationship: Niece (daughter of F

    My dear Aunt Evelyn, I have always been in awe of the strength of will my Aunt Evelyn possessed, inherited from her mother, Hazel Doris. Her life was not an easy path, she never gave up despite the odds. Her drool sense of humor would sometimes catch you unaware and such a tender heart! The only thing we "fought" over, back in the day, was her brushing out the tangles of my long, wild hair! Where ever I wandered in the world, her birthday card would find me ... she never forgot! I have loved her for as long as I can remember. So wish that I could have hugged her just once more ... Two of favorite sayings of her's; when asked how she was, her reply, " Oh, I'm still kicking it around!". The other was her description of my Pop in his youth. She said this about her brother, " If he didn't do it, it wasn't worth doing!". The world will be less without her.