James "Eddie" Warren

Age: 52
Born: August 30, 1964
Died: January 01, 2017
  • Tracy Craft
    Relationship: Friend

    I will miss you forever my friend. So many years of good times and laughter will be forever saved in my memories of you. You were a class act and such a fun person to be around. I still cannot believe you are gone. I don't understand but I will always remember our good times together. May you rest in peace and sing your way through those pearly gates. I'm pretty sure it will be a David Allen Coe song or George Jones . As you would always sing, "I seen the Grand Ole Opry and I've seen ____________________..... if that ain't country.... We all know what you would fill the blank in with. Until we meet again my friend, much love.

  • Don Harkins ( gunslinger)
    Relationship: Friends

    I along with many many others can't believe you're gone, you will surely will be missed. RIP my friend.

  • Matt Mayfied
    Relationship: Friend

    I will never forget the good times Eddie. Rest in peace my old friend, we'll see each other again.

  • Jerry Harper
    Relationship: Friend

    To the man who I once said "you could've been a major leaguer "grab your ball and glove and ask the big man if he would like to play catch and send me a baseball sign when he accepts :-)

  • Sherry Mcintire Hartman

    Sherry, havent spoken to you in a very long time, but just wanted you to know that you all are in my prayers. Girl I am so so sorry, that you have to go through this, just hold onto God & he will see you through it. Love & Hugs. Sherry

  • Cathy Mathews
    Relationship: Friend

    My deepest condolences to Sherry and all the Warren family. May your memories bring you comfort during this difficult time. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Garry & Cindy Frank
    Relationship: friends from Wyoming

    You will be truly missed. We have wonderful memories of spending time with you in Cancun. R I P

  • John warren
    Relationship: Brother

    Ed, I am going to miss you so bad. I love you so much!! One day we will be back together. I wish I could of did something but I understand . You are in pease now. I will dearly miss you so much! Again love you! Tell mom and dad I said hi! See ya later on brother.

  • David Worley
    Relationship: friend

    We knew each other for years along with your brothers john and mike you were always a good guy and funny as hell i can remember back in the day then we got older lost contact but i was happy to see you again last year at the casino . I'm still in shock of your passing and you will be missed by a lot of people.May you rest in peace my old friend

  • Doug Lehker
    Relationship: Friend

    I remember the first time I met you. We were on our way to Talladega. I thought you were a quiet, shy guy, who would get the title for drinking the least amount of beer out of our group. Was I ever wrong. Worst pre judgment of my life! I've missed you sorely at Dega. When you get up there, tell Saint Peter..'It starts with an "E" and ends with a "D"...that's all you need to know'. Rest in peace Ed. Things just got very lively in heaven!!

  • Sherry Davis-Bingham
    Relationship: Cousin

    Eddie, I cannot begin to explain how much that I love you and miss you. You will always have a piece of my heart that nobody can take away. Please give your Mom (Aunt Shirl) a great big hug from me and Victor Allen. Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you Until we meet again! I love you, Eddie!!

  • Amy Elliott & Jim Dennis
    Relationship: Friends

    We were devastated to hear of your passing. You will be greatly missed! Your family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers. Jimmy and Amy

  • Felicia Pittman
    Relationship: Friend

    Eddie, I'm at a loss for words besides, thank you. Thank you for giving me one of my best friends and cousin Robin. You made some amazing kids and Robin has always been more than just family to me. Your girls are your greatest accomplishment hands down. You are deeply missed here and I'm still in complete shock that you are gone. I promise to always look out for Beaners for ya. Until we meet again ... Hugs

  • Daniel Young
    Relationship: Friend

    Ed, I'll never forget all the good times. You had so much positive influence on my adolescence years & I never thanked you for that. You helped teach me what working hard meant to an individual (playing hard too :-) ). I'm sure You're sitting there with my old man drinking a beer & singing along with George Jones. Fly high with the Angels! You will never be forgotten.

  • David Livingston
    Relationship: friend

    GOOD GUY ! Always had a smile on his face..ALWAYS!. Your brothers & sister & all of us will miss you.

  • Paul Tammen
    Relationship: Co-worker and Friend

    Who is going to be the "down days" oil change wizard now? Who will climb on top of kettles to draw oil samples from those humongous gear boxes? You never slacked off. It was a pleasure working alongside you.

  • Robin Warren
    Relationship: Daughter

    Dad- I can't seem to wrap my mind around how I should be feeling. I think In the past week I have made a journey through every emotion. I have landed at peace. I am at peace knowing that you are now happy and free from pain, whether it be emotional or physical. I can spend the rest of my life asking why and creating scenarios in my head, but I won't. They say God has a plan for everyone. It's a shame that your time ended, and we lost a good soul and are left with evil. You are missed dearly by friends, family, and mostly your children. We would not be who we are today without you. I hope that us girls are lucky enough to find a partner that exhibits the qualities that you had. A hardworking provider, tough when he needs to be but sensitive enough to provide nurturing when needed, and loyal. If we are that lucky, we will make sure we hold on to them, and know you had some part in sending them into our life and will not take them for granted. I know that you will continue to have a prese

  • Robin Warren
    Relationship: Daughter ( continued

    (Continued)Presence in our life. It is not ideal, but we will take what we can get. My memories and the moments of laughter that we shared will get me through this. I promise to always make sure that Olivia and Liz are taken care of. I know I get my stunning personality from you and will continue to be a bright light in everyone's life, just like you were. Say hi to Grandpa, Grandma, and the Greek. I love you and miss you.. Robin

  • David Branscum
    Relationship: Friend

    Our Condolences to the family, Ed will missed by all those who were blessed to have known him.

  • Jacquelyn (Smith) Huber
    Relationship: Friend

    Eddie, I still can't believe your gone. We had some good years, and I will forever cherish them. I'm so blessed that we remained friends, and a friend you will be forever in my heart. You were a wonderful dad, son, brother, husband and friend. You were always the life and singer of the party. I will always order one for you. Please kiss momma for me, give big John hug and sing some George with my dad. Tell Mike Beck that we miss him too, and I hope Dupree bites you on the leg a couple time. LOL Rest in Peace my friend. With love, Jackie

  • Darric Sutherlin
    Relationship: Co-worker friend

    My sincere condolences to the family. Ed I'm going to miss you my friend. I can't believe you're gone. Gonna miss talking sports and the latest news with you at work . God bless you and rest in peace...

  • Renee (Schnetzer) Toll
    Relationship: childhood friend

    Dear Eddie. I am still in shock -- I can't believe you're gone. You were like Joe-Joe, you guys were too big for this world. There will only be one of you, an I will miss you so much. Say hi to Joe-Joe when you get there. Tell your mom and dad, I miss them too. I'm sending my love to your brothers, John and Mike. To your family, please accept my most sincere condolences -- I babysat the boys when they were about 10. Can you imagine seeing the 3 of them together at that age? I'll never forget it. Each one seems so strong to the average person -- but, when you know them personally, you know each of them are just big teddy bears. God bless each of you as you grieve this loss.