Spring Grove Events

February 2016

Maple Syrup Tapping

2/28/2016 |  1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Location: Spring Grove's Funeral Home / Spring Grove

Maple Syrup Tapping

Your taste buds might be hibernating right now but here’s their wake up call, it’s maple syrup time!  Spring Grove Arboretum team members will give you and your family the unique opportunity to learn the science and history of maple syrup-ing.  Did you know that Ohio is amongst the Top Ten states in maple syrup production?  Our newest event, the Maple Syrup Tapping event, will demonstrate how maple syrup is made by tapping trees, collecting sap and boiling it into syrup.  

The event will begin with a short indoor presentation at our Funeral Home Reception Center, followed by an outdoor hands-on demonstration.  Event held rain or shine, please dress for the weather. 

Registration is required and space is limited.  Registraion is open.


80 Person Registration Limit | 0 Spots Remain Open


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